PNP warns parents, students vs. NPA ‘summer recruitment’

2017-12-04 (2)

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PNP warns parents, students vs. NPA ‘summer recruitment’


MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — The Philippine National Police (PNP) cautioned parents and students against joining summer off-campus activities organized by groups affiliated with fronts of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

The PNP made the statement in line with the NPA’s 49th founding anniversary on Thursday, noting that all police units are on alert for possible attacks and activities of the communist rebels.

Police authorities reminded parents to be wary of extra-curricular activities of their children which are not approved by school officials such as off-campus social immersion programs, teach-ins, symposia, and social field work.

PNP Spokesperson Chief Supt. John C. Bulalacao reminded students, parents and school authorities that the PNP is waging a summer offensive in areas of operation of remaining guerilla fronts of the CPP-NPA in the countryside.

“I advise these students to avoid compromising situations and possible conflict with the law while engaged in CPP-NPA activities,” Bulalacao said.

The PNP raised this concern in the wake of reported sightings and even active participation of some university students in recent CPP-NPA activities including armed engagements with government security forces.

Bulalacao noted recent incidents of armed confrontation between government security forces and CPP-NPA fighters that resulted in the death or arrest of university students, whose parents never knew of their involvement with the underground movement.

Militant youth and student organizations are known to participate in CPP-NPA indoctrination and “social immersion” courses in training camps in the hills during the summer vacation when students are on academic break. (PNA)

Riana Torrejon

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