Forum to tackle impacts of global migration on caregivers tomorrow at UofA

News Release

Forum to tackle impacts of global migration on caregivers


EDMONTON, Alberta – Community leaders are poised to put their lenses and scrutinize global migration and its impacts on caregivers in Canada in a forum on Saturday, April 7, at the University of Alberta.


The forum, “Global Migration and Caregivers in Canada” comes on the heels of the ongoing review to one of Canada’s ever-changing immigration and labor programs, the Caregiver Program, which the federal government has opened for public consultation this last month.


“The forum will talk about the issues caregivers are facing and the sense of panic in the community when Immigration Canada announced that they are not accepting applications for permanent residency anymore” said Cynthia Palmaria of Migrante Alberta, the organization that will lead the forum. “The forum will also link the current migrant crisis in Canada to the phenomenon of global migration and the role of global players vis-à-vis sending countries and host countries through the United Nations in it.”


Caregivers and rights advocates for the sector pelleted the federal government’s Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) with criticisms following an announcement in February that foreign caregivers will not be eligible to apply for permanent residence if they have not accrued the required two years of employment by November 29, 2019, the date when the two five-year pilot caregiver programs end.


IRCC was quick to quell panic by stating that “there is and will always be a pathway to permanent residency for caregivers under our government.” Canada also claims it still has its doors open to new migrant caregivers, in light of absent national childcare program and deficient seniors care program. Recently, the federal government announced it targets to bring in some 310,000 new immigrants in 2018, including new caregivers and economic class workers.


“In Canada, the government itself recognizes the important role of caregivers to the growth of the Canadian economy, yet, it has not made significant and bold changes to the caregiver program to address long-term issues surrounding the program and the caregiving needs of Canadians,” said Palmaria. “Unfortunately, the caregivers are usually the ones on the precarious economic end,” she added.


The forum will welcome speakers Connie Sorio, Coordinator for Migrant Justice and Asia Partnerships for KAIROS Canada, Emma Jackson, MA Candidate from the University of Alberta, Paola Andrea Andres de Soto Abdulrahin, and Vilma Pagaduan, former caregiver and advocate of caregiver rights


The forum, which will be held in Room 129 at U of A’s Faculty of Education (11210 87 Ave) from 10am-3pm, will also give space to caregivers to talk about their current situation.


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