Cordilleran group ‘Bardilleranz’ breaks into mainstream stage

Cordilleran group ‘Bardilleranz’ breaks into mainstream stage

BAGUIO CITY (Philippines News Agency) — Cordillerans are well known for their great physique, being engaged in farming and physical activities, aside from trekking up the mountains.

But who would have thought that a group of young Cordilleran men, who just use the Rose Garden at Burnham Park as their stage for calisthenics and street dance, would soon break into mainstream stage and enthrall judges of TV network ABS-CBN’s weekly talent search show, Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT)?

The group, with members aged 18 to 38, now amaze audiences, even on the global internet.

“It all started with a goal, then a mission to make calisthenics and street workout as a healthy lifestyle,” Antonio Pasoquen, an active member of Bardilleranz, said when the group was interviewed by the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Thursday.

Bardilleranz is composed of seven athletes: Pasoquen, a native of Ifugao; Joseph Halog from Baguio; Ortis Tindaan Jr. from Ifugao; Dan Sumengin from Sablan, Benguet; Jeric Tercepo from Itogon, Benguet; Edward Bambico, and Aldrin Hattem also from Ifugao.
The group’s name is a mix of the words “bar”, referring to the pull-up bars they use for their calisthenics routines, and “Cordillerans”, as they all hail from the Cordillera region.

The group was actually a merger of two different groups: the Baguio Calisthenics Movement and Igorotak Street Workout. The two groups decided to unite after meeting each other while practicing their calisthenics routines at Burnham Park back in 2015.

It was never their plan to join the competition, they said, as they were just interested in physical training and healthy lifestyle as young men of the upland region.
They simply love physical training, as it prevents them from going into vices, they said.

The television stage opened when a talent scout got in touch with them, asking if they could join the audition for PGT.

Realizing what they have — the physique and the talent — plus the pride they could give the Cordillerans, the group decided, “Why not try to join and showcase calisthenics workout, since it has been forgotten by many sports enthusiasts?”

The group members got themselves motivated through social media, as they watched overseas performances of groups who do calisthenics. They then combined the movements with precision and dance moves.

Their naturally formed muscles and abs, as a result of regular exercise and healthy diet, have also given the young men confidence.

Kinaya ng iba, pwede din namin gawin. Push lang ng push (If others can, we can also do it, just go for it),” Pasoquen said.

The PGT show hosts gave the Bardilleranz a “golden buzzer” in their initial performance on national television last January 6.

The group qualified for the semi-finals last April 8 and again made it to the finals, which starts this weekend. They are set to vie for the championship on the PGT show that starts at 7 p.m. on April 29.

The Bardilleranz believe that through the national talent TV show, they can encourage other young people to do calisthenics, practice a healthy lifestyle, and avoid vices.

The boys are asking those who appreciate their performance and their fellow Cordillerans to support them through prayers and by voting through text or via Google.

Through Google, type “PGT VOTE” and click “Bardillerans” then click “submit”. Through Text, key in “PGT BARDI” and send to 2366 for all networks.

“We are counting on our supporters and our Igorot Kailians (townmates) to help us in this endeavor,” they chorused, saying Cordillerans or the Igorots can raise the bar of excellence in performance with the Cordillerans’ innate talents and intelligence. (PNA)


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