PNP assigns 2 cops as Trillanes’ security personnel

PNP assigns 2 cops as Trillanes’ security personnel
By Benjamin Pulta

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — After recalling police security personnel of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV last week, the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Sunday confirmed that it has temporarily reassigned two police security personnel to the senator.

In a statement, the PNP clarified that the recall is part of a comprehensive review of all protective security personnel from the Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG) that provides security to all qualified VIPs including elected and appointed officials as well as private individuals.

Aside from the PNP security personnel, Trillanes security detail also includes men detailed from the Senate, two personnel from the Philippine Navy and two troops from the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The PNP explained that the decision to withdraw police security was meant to ensure more men will be doing actual core police duties for the general public.

“The move which we started just recently is in line with our efforts to maximize the use of available Human Resources intended primarily to perform our core police functions but also with due consideration to the specific security needs of key officials and private individuals,” the PNP said.

The PNP added that the decision to withdraw police personnel from acting as security escorts is part of the “PNP’s proactive measures to ensure police personnel will not be, wittingly or unwittingly, used by their VIPs for economic or political reasons especially as we approach the election season”. (PNA)


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