Duterte calls Joma Sison as having ‘bankrupt mind’

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Duterte calls Joma Sison as having ‘bankrupt mind’
By Bill Visaya

SANTA ANA, Cagayan (Philippines News Agency) — Calling communist leader Jose Maria Sison as having a “bankrupt mind,” President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted the Communist Party of the Philippines founder for reportedly pushing insurgents in the country to become “robots.”

In his Monday speech at the destruction of contraband luxury vehicles and motorbikes at the Port Irene here, President Duterte described New People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas as slaughterers who kill their own countrymen for decades.

“There is only one person thinking (for the NPAs). There is only one person using his …gray matter between his ear. You are like robots,” he said.

Duterte also described members of the NPA as “arrogant” who push war and stop the progress and development of communities.

”You cannot even occupy a barangay. When you’re able to shoot somebody, kill civilians, kill soldiers, for nothing. For nothing! Not even an ideology. There is actually none at all. You’re fighting for a bankrupt mind,” the President said.

Instead of continuing the armed struggle, Duterte said communist guerrillas must “trust the government” and support economic centers and businesses.

Saying the communist rebels are strong in Cagayan, President Duterte said it would mean nothing to them except for Sison whom “you (rebels) believe what is in his head.”

He stressed that he was once mesmerized by Sison but he admitted that he later reflected and reviewed his thoughts.

“You know there is always a time to reflect and review what we have in this life. It is not revolution…it has to be evolution,” he said. (PNA)

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