Edmonton submits 40-acre annexation application to Province with Sturgeon County support

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News Release
Edmonton submits 40-acre annexation application to Province with Sturgeon County support
The City of Edmonton submitted an annexation application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) on July 18, 2018, for 16 hectares (40 acres) of land in Sturgeon County jurisdiction north of Anthony Henday Drive and 66 Street interchange.

“This annexation is a relatively small administrative process that will allow the City to provide better access to the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park,” says Lindsey Butterfield, Director of Regional Development. “The application is the culmination of collaborative work since 2014 between the City of Edmonton and Sturgeon County. The result was a signed Annexation Agreement allowing the application to be submitted with the County’s consent.”

The annexation application will shift the municipal boundary so 66 Street and the right-of-way are located within the City boundary.

A formal review by the Municipal Review Board will now be held. If affected members of the community require the opportunity to present their opinions, hearings may be held. Then, the board makes a recommendation to the Province and a final decision, expected by the end of the year, is made.

Notification of the proposal will be sent by the MGB to landowners in the annexation area. The City and Sturgeon County have requested the annexation take effect January 1, 2019.

The application summary and attachments will be available online. To set up an appointment to view the information in person, contact annexation@edmonton.ca or 780-442-2294.

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