City of Edmonton wins top public participation award

Heber Bartolome

Pinoy music icon Heber Bartolome performs at the Panciteria de Manila on Sunday, September 9, in Edmonton.

News Release
City of Edmonton wins top public participation award
The City of Edmonton was named 2018 Organization of the Year at the International Association for Public Participation of Canada (IAP2 Canada) Core Values Awards Gala, held September 6 in Victoria, BC.

This is IAP2 Canada’s top honour, recognizing organizations and projects that give people a say in decisions that affect them and tell them how their input will be used in decision-making.

“Public engagement is just good business,” said Linda Cochrane, City Manager for the City of Edmonton. “It ensures accountability and transparency for our work as city-builders and is a reminder that we serve the public.”

The City’s public engagement policy was developed in consultation with over 1000 Edmontonians through online and in person workshops and discussion groups. Today, engagement activities range from broad, city-shaping explorations such as Vision 2050 to detailed discussion about neighbourhood projects, sustainability and services.

Winners from IAP2 Affiliates worldwide — including the City of Edmonton — are now in the running for the international IAP2 Organization of Year award. The winner will be announced in October 2018 during the IAP2 Australasian Conference in Gold Coast, Queensland.

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