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By: Jun Ledesma, Columnist, Philippines News Agency

The Red October

THE warning of the intelligence community about a specter of an organized attempt to overthrow the government of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte this October appears to be true and looming. From what we have seen so far, student activisms have become perceptible and coordinated in state and private colleges and universities.

Across the Pacific in the opposite side of the globe, organized and well-funded street demonstrations are making noise denouncing Duterte. Expect Loida Nicolas-Lewis to continue with her “resign Duterte resign” refrain to increase in crescendo.

Of course, the school campuses had been infiltrated. Any contradicting claim is hogwash. The communist ideologues are masters in their art of persuasion and the fashion of joining the radical left has resurrected the First Quarter Storm , a period of civil unrest in the late 1970’s that was contributory to the declaration of Martial Law.

The current situation has all the symptoms of FQS only this time you have a cabal of political and religious terrorists and conniving with the left in a common agenda to oust Duterte. Loida Lewis is alleged to be bankrolling demonstration to jettison Duterte and openly advocates to install Leni Robredo in his stead. Meanwhile, a faction of Catholic bishops headed by Socrates Villegas has raised the call for the President to step down.

The foreign-funded media outfits and personalities of course are not far behind. When the President took a brief respite with his family in HongKong and went shopping in Uniqlo, a budget shop, they took a snap shot at him and in an apparent snipe at denigrating the president and family described the scene as as a shopping spree with the couple and daughter carrying bundles of money reminiscent of Imelda Marcos. In their stupidity, the paid hacks passed Uniqlo as a luxury shop.

If that was not foul enough, Duterte’s inveterate critics, among them Rappler, attempted to put a wedge between the President and China. They knew that Pres. Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit the Philippines in November, which is a big event celebrating the friendly accord between the two countries highlighted by formal signing of loan agreements and grants that will kick off the “Build, Build, Build” program of the government.

Rappler creatively twisted the remarks of Duterte in one occasion where he described the relationship of China Ambassador Zhao Jinhua and Davao-based businessman Michael Yang as friendly. Rappler and Vera Files added additional condiments to their story branding Yang as a drug pusher. I know Yang, as a part-owner of DCLA, and as one who assertively presents himself as close to his penchants of circles of famous friends but I do not think he will venture into drugs which could send him to the calaboose if Duterte gets wind of any link to illegal drugs.

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