Selina Gray: 5 Moneyboss Tips to Mastering Black Friday Sales

Moneyboss Tips to Mastering Black Friday Sales:
Source: https://www.selinagray.com/?mc_cid=d227e44547&mc_eid=ae4ea21b46
We all know the excitement of Black Friday is intoxicating. Everyone loves a good deal (me included)… 
I wanted to send you a quick reference guide to ensure your purchases stay high vibe ❤
When you’re about to say yes to your purchase, ask yourself:
 1) Does this bring me joy?

Is this item going to bring me or someone I love joy/happiness? Do I love this item? This is important to ask so we don’t get sucked into stock-piling random items for the thrill of the sale.
2) Does this bring me stress? Is it worth it?

There is already more than enough stress to go around, so ask yourself if this purchase is going to bring stress and if it’s really worth it. It’s important to feel into the total cost – we often underestimate the emotional toll of our purchases. You know, the ones that keep us up at night and make us feel sick to our stomach.

Asking yourself if it’s worth it, helps get to the root of what matters. 

3) Do I need this? Does it align with my priorities?

A good deal gives us a charge. Super sales are designed to give us a quick hit of excitement and anticipation. But let’s take a breath & pause…. Do I really need this?  Is this something I really value?

Is this how I want to spend my money because I value the item I’m purchasing?

4) Is this actually a good deal?  

There is pressure to buy in the excitement of Black Friday. Fear of missing out is the real deal. 

Make sure what you’re considering buying is actually a good deal. Do your due diligence & research on items you want before the sales go live. 

Kelsi, a guest expert in my She’s a Moneyboss group, suggests checking the Flipp app to cross-reference.  I’ve since used it, & that app works brilliantly. Saves time & helps assess pricing. Check it out! 

5) Does this feel good to me? Does this enhance my life in some way? 

Unless you answer YES to all these things… consider not buying.  Also, I encourage you to review your 2019 vision/master plan. And if you haven’t yet created it, now’s a perfect time.
What is Black Friday overshopping actually costing you? 
 ***Make 2019 your year of transformation: welcome alignment, lean into your power, & optimize your life. Join us on December 9, 2018, for my LIVE Masterclass in Edmonton, AB.

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