Mayor Announces 2nd Photo of the Year Contest

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News Release

Mayor Announces 2nd Photo of the Year Contest

Mayor Don Iveson announced the 2nd Photo of the Year contest to celebrate the unique perspectives of local photographers.

“ Edmonton continues to be one of the youngest, fastest growing cities in the Country – and there is a lot of buzz about our city nationally and internationally. This newfound energy, and our shifting demographics, has brought new perspectives and new ways of seeing our city and it’s a reminder of what a beautiful, dynamic place we live in. I love being part of this. This year, I’m eager to see how you’ve captured the best of our city through the theme of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire and however you interpret that is up to you,” stated Iveson.

Between December 13th and 27th, 2018, Edmontonians are encouraged to submit their best images of Edmonton on social media using the hashtag: #yeg2018pics. Mayor Iveson, in partnership with InstagramYEG, UrbanYEG and, Yeggers, will choose the top three best images for each element. These top photos will be featured on the Mayor’s website and in the Mayor’s office. Photographers will be invited for a coffee date with the Mayor in the New Year.


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