Group optimistic of clean, honest 2019 polls

Group optimistic of clean, honest 2019 polls
By EJ Roque

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — A group of retired military officers on Friday expressed optimism in the conduct of a clean and honest elections this May 2019.

In a statement, the Advocates for National Interest (ANI) said Filipinos deserve an honest and corruption-free election.

“We believe that the conduct of the forthcoming political exercise in an honest, peaceful and orderly environment would allow proper selection of candidates who are God-fearing, averse to corruption, competent, and people-oriented,” ANI said.

ANI cited the importance of having honest and inspirational leaders who will serve as a good example to the youth.

“We postulate that during these challenging times the country needs leaders to inspire our younger generations who shall inherit our patrimony, culture and traditions. Let us therefore elect candidates with vision, character, and will to become the proper role models of our youth, specially our students and school children,” it said.

ANI commended the administration of President Rodrigo R. Duterte in its resolve to fight corruption.

“We appreciate the recent government announcement that corruption is a social scourge that must be addressed squarely to effect a lasting national development,” the group added.

Duterte repeatedly asked the police and military to remain neutral in the 2019 polls.

The President also banned government officials from campaigning for or against any candidate because he wants to avoid the issue of using government resources for campaigning. (PNA)

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