Duterte leads Whole-of-Nation Movement for peace, dev’t

Duterte leads Whole-of-Nation Movement for peace, dev’t

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday rallied all instrumentalities of the government, private sector, and entire Filipino nation to actively work together in a whole-of-nation movement to address violent conflicts, as well as build a culture of peace and development throughout the country.

Duterte, at the first meeting of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) held in Malacañang, approved a National Plan that would integrate and harmonize the various efforts of the whole of government and of all sectors of society in delivering goods and services, as well as in providing for peace and security, especially in conflict-affected communities.

Members of the Cabinet and other heads of agencies, who were present at the meeting, agreed that the Whole-of-Nation Movement is not directed primarily at defeating the communist insurgency, but also to demonstrate genuine good governance for the betterment of people’s lives.

To effectively manage the Whole-of-Nation Movement, the President will assign specific Cabinet members to oversee the peace and development efforts in every region of the country. The designated Cabinet officer for the region will be supported by a unified and integrated Regional Development Council (RDC) and Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC).

Also to be pursued is the fast-tracked implementation of the National Wifi and 911 projects in all barangays nationwide.

By effectively managing barriers and challenges to peace and development, the Whole-of-Nation Movement envisions to build resilient and robust communities that promote the welfare and well-being of the Filipino people.

The NTF-ELCAC was created by virtue of Executive Order 70 on December 4, 2018 “to provide an efficient mechanism and structure for the implementation of the Whole-of-Nation approach to aid in the realization of the collective aspirations for inclusive and sustainable peace.”

It is chaired by President Duterte and constituted by the heads of 19 concerned departments and agencies of government, including two representatives from the private sector. (NSA PR)

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