E. Visayas professionals laud President’s genuine concern

E. Visayas professionals laud President’s genuine concern
By Sarwell Meniano

TACLOBAN CITY (Philippines News Agency) — President Rodrigo Duterte’s fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA) has earned praises from professionals in the government and private sectors in Eastern Visayas.

Tacloban-based businessman Rhoel Ladera lauded the President for reminding local chief executives to ensure that all clearances and permits emanating from the mayor’s office “must be out at the very least within three days.”

“The local government should help in making our country competitive where businesses can thrive instead of being a burden to the businessmen,” said Ladera, who has been running a printing and tourism-related firms in the city.

On the order to reclaim public roads encroached by private enterprises, Ladera said this is the right time to enforce since the President has the political will.

“We have to maximize or strike while the iron is hot or while the momentum is still there,” he said.

Department of Tourism Regional Director Karina Rosa Tiopes was pleased to hear the President’s pronouncement that the massive cleanup of world-famous Boracay was just the beginning in the government’s objective of protecting the environment.

“I am very happy to hear the President himself say that the rehab of Boracay is just the start. All over the country, there are popular tourism sites that are on the verge of being overdeveloped, where stakeholders do not have or do not implement plans/policies that promote sustainable development and have weak advocacies on responsible tourism nor encourage visitors to be responsible tourists,” Tiopes said.

“Sustainable development not only results in the protection of our natural resources and our environment. It also means long term viable enterprises, profitable livelihood, and stable jobs. And with tourism, sustainable development is the only way to go,” she added.

Lawyer Isagani Espada of Tanauan, Leyte said the President’s speech reminding Landbank of the Philippines of its mandate, amplifies his concern for cash-strapped farmers.

“The President is fully aware of the very reason why Landbank was established and that is to reach out to farmers and extend financial assistance instead of farmers going to Landbank,” Espada told the Philippine News Agency (PNA).

National Economic and Development Authority Regional Director Meylene Rosales, meanwhile, praised the Chief Executive for reiterating the Filipinos’ aspiration of a better and more comfortable life.

“The President said he wants a better Philippines in the future. He thinks of a better life for Filipinos even beyond his term. This is a reiteration of what is embodied in Ambisyon Natin 2040,” Rosales added.

Under the vision, all Filipinos by 2040 will enjoy a stable and comfortable lifestyle, secured in the knowledge that each one has enough for their daily needs and unexpected expense, plan and prepare for their own and their children’s future.

The blueprint’s goal is for Filipino families to live together in a place of their own, and have the freedom to go where they desire, protected and enabled by a clean, efficient, and fair government. (PNA)

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