Guerrero to Bureau of Customs employees: ‘Cooperate with reforms or leave’

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Guerrero to BOC employees: ‘Cooperate with reforms or leave’
By Ferdinand Patinio

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero on Tuesday reiterated his call to all personnel to work together or bow out of the service.

“My message is not really different from what I said during my first day as Customs Commissioner. It is only either they work with me or just leave the agency,” he said in an interview on Tuesday.

Guerrero was referring to working together with the employees to implement reforms in the BOC and improving its reputation.

“To those who cannot comply with the rules, let’s just part ways,” he said.

“If they choose to part with me, it’s better that they leave in a good manner. Either resignation or retirement. Those are two good options,” he added.

Citing a report from the Deputy Commissioner for Internal Administration, Guerrero said some employees already offered to resign from their posts.

Meanwhile, the Customs Commissioner said they are waiting on the order regarding the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte for the transfer of personnel to Congress.

“Part of the conversation is the status of those who were called to Malacañang and how the transition will be,” said Guerrero, who have met with Undersecretary Jesus Quitain, OIC of Office of Special Assistant to the President on Tuesday.

On Monday, Duterte revealed his plan to order Customs officials to report to Congress to help him with his everyday work.

“I hope that I can have the cooperation of Congress. If we cannot abolish their positions and cannot dismiss them for the reason there is a security of tenure,” he said during his 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Last week, the President met with more than 40 personnel of the BOC in Malacanang. (PNA)

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