Long time neighbourhood grocery store designated a historical resource

News Release
Long time neighbourhood grocery store designated a historical resource

City Council formally designated Delton Grocery, a one-storey commercial building located at the northwest corner of 88 Street and 122 Avenue, as a Municipal Historic Resource.

Delton Grocery, built in 1914, is valued for its association with the early development of the Delton neighbourhood, and for its representation as an early commercial building integrated into a residential neighbourhood.

“Neighbourhood stores were once very common. They generally served local residents needing convenient grocery services, but also contributed to the social fabric and economic well-being of the area,” said David Johnston, Principal Heritage Planner with the City. “While a few still remain, these types of local commercial stores are now much more rare.”

When it opened, the building was known as the Delton Meat Market. It was the Cornish Meat and Grocery from the 1930s to the 1950s, and may have been used as a residence at one time.

The wood-frame structure is identified by a rectangular plan, brick chimney, low-pitched gable roof with flush eaves and verges, and an original fenestration pattern on the facade. It is also characterized by a boomtown front and the main entrance is built into the corner of the building, a common feature of small-scale commercial buildings at the time.

The owners of Delton Grocery will receive a grant of $43,438 from the City’s Heritage Resources Reserve fund to assist in rehabilitation costs to the building.

The City’s Historic Resource Management Plan outlines the City’s mission to identify, protect and promote the preservation and use of historic resources. The Plan contains 24 policies and 88 action items that direct how Edmonton’s heritage should be preserved and celebrated. Since the plan was initiated in 1985, 156 properties have been designated, with more designations planned in the future.

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