PMA must relentlessly pursue justice over cadet’s death: solon

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PMA must relentlessly pursue justice over cadet’s death: solon
By Filane Mikee Cervantes

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto on Tuesday said the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) should “relentlessly pursue” justice over the death of cadet Darwin Dormitorio due to hazing inside the academy.

Recto stressed the value of PMA cadets, whom he described as “people’s investments” since the cost of producing one PMA graduate is about PHP2.982 million.

The senator noted that the cost is six times higher compared to producing a University of the Philippines graduate with funding of only PHP507,000.

“PMA cadets are “the people’s investments”, to whom the defense of the Republic will later be entrusted. Bawat isa sa kanila ay mahalaga (Each of them is important). If they will have to drop out, then it must be on their own steam, and not on a stretcher out of a hospital or morgue,” Recto said.

“The PMA’s grief for losing one of its own should be translated into justice it must relentlessly pursue,” he added.

Dormitorio, whose body reportedly bore bruises, was found unconscious in his room and declared dead on arrival at the hospital last Sept. 18.

To date, Baguio City police have identified and are readying charges against three upperclassmen as persons of interest or suspects while other cadets are under restrictive confinement pending investigation.

Citing the tradition of command responsibility, PMA Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Evangelista has stepped down from his post following the cadet’s death. (PNA)

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