ASEAN takes leads to strengthen unity through sports

Sports Ministers from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam for the Fifth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Sports (AMMS-5) at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel, Manila, Oct.9.

Assuming the chairmanship for the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMMS) on Sports Wednesday, Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez acknowledged former AMMS-4 Chair and Myanmar Deputy Minster Dr. Mya Ley Sein for their productive hosting of the ASEAN cooperation and vowed to continuously use sports to establish commitments within the ASEAN regions.

“I consider these series of meetings as a great opportunity to learn from our neighbors, and also share with you what we have. Our mission does not start and end in forming policies. It continues on to making these policies work for our countries and our future,” said Ramirez.

Built upon the recommendation of Mid-Term Review Validation Workshop on ASEAN Work Plan on Sports 2016-2020 in Myanmar last May, the ministers agreed to develop an ASEAN Work Plan on Sports 2021-2025, with priorities focused on sports for development and peace, sports integrity, sports for all, sport science, sports tourism, and sport industry.

The sports ministers further agreed to formalize the establishment of a Technical Working Group led by Thailand with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam as core members and welcomed other members to also take part in the working group, to prepare for the ASEAN’s Joint Bid for the FIFA World Cup 2034.

The meeting was also informed on the convening of the ASEAN Symposium on Sports Development in 2020 initiated by the ASEAN Secretariat as well as an initiative by Thailand on the integration of sports in youth crime prevention and building resilience in societies.

The AMMS-5 concluded with the ASEAN nations supporting Chairman Ramirez and the Philippine Sports Commission for the upcoming hosting of both the 30th SEA Games on November and the 10th ASEAN Para Games in January 2020.

“Sports is and will always be a universal opportunity to bond, connect and make impossibilities happen. We thank everyone for their support for the 30th SEA Games. We hope to see you in the games next month,” declared Ramirez.(pr)

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