PRRD visits parents’ tomb in Davao City

PRRD visits parents’ tomb in Davao City
By Che Palicte

DAVAO CITY (Philippines News Agency) – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte visited the resting place of his parents, the late Governor Vicente and Soledad Duterte, at the Roman Catholic Public Cemetery here, on Thursday evening.

Photos from Senator Christopher Lawrence Go, showed the President seated in front of his parents’ tomb.

Duterte never missed any occasion in paying respect to the memories of his parents as he always visits his parents’ tomb.

It can be recalled that Duterte wept at his mother’s grave hours after led in the May 9, 2016, presidential elections.

Prior to his visit to his parent’s tomb, Duterte is in the city when a 6.5-magnitude earthquake, with Tulunan, North Cotabato as the epicenter, struck on Thursday morning.

“There are cracks as early as about three earthquakes ago, every time it happens there’s a crack that happens. It is just a crack,” Duterte said when asked about the cracks in his home during the tremor.

He said the Presidential Security Group (PSG) insisted to have his house inspected to further ensure their safety.

“Nobody can prevent an earthquake to happen. There’s no accurate prediction whether it will come or not,” he added.

He also urged the people who are staying in the buildings, structures that are not fit for human habitation to thoroughly check them, especially those made of cement.

The 6.5 magnitude tremor on Thursday happened two days after a 6.6-magnitude earthquake, and two weeks after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit many parts of Mindanao. (PNA)

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