City of Edmonton advocates for `Wasteless Holidays’

Wasteless Holidays

The holiday season is filled with decorations, parties and presents — that often means a lot more waste.

In fact, the Edmonton Waste Management Centre receives almost twice the amount of waste at the end of December, as compared to the beginning of the month.

What Goes Where During the Holidays

Make sure your holiday waste goes to the right place. Use the WasteWise tool to find what goes where or download the free app for your mobile device.

What Goes Where?

Enter your home address so you can find the waste information most accurate to you. Type an itemSearchPrivacy | Terms of Service | Cookie PolicyList of MaterialsPowered by 

Download the Edmonton Waste Wise app for Android from the Google Play Store
Download the Edmonton Waste Wise app for iOS from the Apple App Store

Holiday Waste Reduction Ideas

Give Waste-friendly Gifts

  • Give experiences as gifts, like event tickets, a class, or attractions passes
  • Wrap gifts using reusable materials, like a scarf or a gift bag
  • Buy quality items that can be used again and again
  • Donate your time and skills as a gift
  • Make a donation to charity
  • Buy an annual subscription or membership to a streaming service 

Decorate for Lasting Memories

  • Pick quality decorations that will last several seasons
  • Donate unwanted holiday items to the Reuse Centre or a local charity
  • Follow the Reuse Centre on FacebookInstagram or Pinterest for tips on how to make decorations with reused items
  • Recycle your natural Christmas tree

Plan your Festive Feasts

  • Plan to store and use your holiday leftovers
  • Donate unopened treats to local charities
  • Check your cupboards and plan your meals before grocery shopping so you don’t buy doubles

Recycle Right During the Holidays

  • Take old, unwanted electronics to an Eco Station – never put anything with a cord or battery in your blue bag
  • Wrapping paper (non-foil) and cardboard can go in your blue bag
  • Styrofoam packaging should go in the garbage

source: https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/garbage_waste/reduce-holiday-waste.aspx?utm_source=virtualaddress&utm_campaign=wastelessholidays

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