Medical posts all set for Traslacion 2020

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Medical posts all set for Traslacion 2020
By Lade Jean Kabagani

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Around 20 medical teams will be deployed during the 2020 Traslacion procession on Thursday, January 9, the Department of Health (DOH) said on Monday.

In a press conference at the Pope Benedict Building in Quiapo Church, DOH’s Health Emergency Management Bureau (HEMB) Director, Dr. Gloria Balboa said all public and private hospitals in Metro Manila will be on ‘Code White’ alert, referring to the readiness status of the facilities and emergency response of the medical units, from Jan. 7 to 10.

“Our medical teams that will be deployed during the traslacion are trained individuals with basic life supports and standard first aid. Our medical teams are all set for the traslacion,” she said.

Each medical team will be manned by two doctors, two nurses, and paramedics and will be stationed along the procession route.

She said ambulances will be on standby near medical posts while the Metro Manila Center for Health Development (MM-CHD) will establish a communication post-Quiapo Base for quick assistance.

Balboa advised the devotees to wear light-colored shirts during the procession to avoid heat strokes.

“Bring raincoats or ponchos in case of any sudden downpour, and to bring hats, fans, handkerchiefs if it becomes hot and sunny,” Balboa said.

She also advised devotees to bring their medicines especially those with chronic asthma, hypertension, or diabetes. adding that sick, pregnant or those with serious medical conditions should not join the long procession.

The Black Nazarene’s devotees are also discouraged from bringing infants, young children, and the elderly to avoid injury and bring their identification cards for emergency purposes.

“We all just wanted this translacion to be solemn and safe from the danger of injuries and other health risks,” Balboa said.

Meanwhile, Regional Director Dr. Corazon Flores said the DOH operations will work 24/7 from January 8-10 to monitor and facilitate any medical assistance.

Flores said the different medical teams will be deployed in 14 segments or the prayer stations that include Bonifacio Road cor Katigbak Driveway (Manila Hotel), Finance Road corner Padre Burgos Avenue (National Museum), Ayala Boulevard corner Taft Avenue, Ayala Boulevard corner San Marcelino (TUP), Ayala Boulevard corner Romualdez (Metro Oil Gas Station), Palanca corner Ayala Bridge (Sinofil), Palanca Bridge (Estero de San Miguel), Quezon Boulevard corner Arlegui, Duque de Alba corner Catillejos, P. Casal corner Arlegui (Pedestrian Overpass), Hidalgo (MLQU), Plaza del Carmen, Raon (G. Liner Terminal) and Quinta Market.

The DOH said the deployment of the 20 medical teams is a joint health cluster partnership with the Manila Health Unit, Red Cross Philippines, and private and public hospitals to provide medical assistance during the long procession. (PNA)

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