Edmonton Transportation Service fare changes start February 1

Public Service Announcement

ETS fare changes start February 1

ETS fares, along with the description of some fare categories, will be adjusted February 1 based on the new Fare Policy adopted by Council in late 2019. The new policy has a strong focus on affordability and a person’s ability to pay. The new policy provides income-based discounts, simplified fare categories and encourages ridership growth. Overall, the new policy aims to provide equity, fairness and affordability for everyone.

Adjustments, effective February 1, include:

Reduced cost for monthly Ride Transit Program passes from $35 to $34
Free transit for low-income seniors (with annual income less than $28,513 for a single person)
Reduced cost for youth/senior 10-ticket packs from $23 to $19
Family Pass will become a permanent option based on a successful pilot in 2019
Increased maximum age of youth category to 24 years of age and under (formerly 17 and under) to help youth transition into the workforce
Senior monthly pass will be $34 (youth monthly pass is $75, adult monthly pass is $97)
Effective September 2020, the post-secondary fare category, currently offered to post-secondary students not enrolled in the U-PASS program, will be phased out. The U-PASS program remains unaffected

ETS fares remain competitive with other Canadian transit agencies and cities of similar size.

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