PSC celebrates 30th milestone simply at Rizal Coliseum

MANILA — The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) marks its 30th-year milestone with simple rites at the newly refurbished Rizal Memorial Coliseum (RMC) in Malate, Manila on January 24.

“We are very happy to celebrate our 30th anniversary. This journey will not be possible without the help of everyone who has been with us since day one,” said PSC Chairman William Ramirez giving special mention to the chairmen who helped the sports agency from its founding year in 1990.

Junking its initial plans to celebrate the milestone, the PSC board and employees decided to donate what they earmarked for the event towards helping Taal volcano eruption victims.

“Sabi ko nga, trenta na kami, mas ” mature na kumbaga sa tao. Masaya ang lahat na makatulong kami kahit wala nang selebrasyon, ” explained Ramirez.

The PSC family shall mark their special day with the celebration of a holy mass and a simple awarding ceremony to recognize the “loyalty in service” of employees reaching their 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th years in government. 16 officials and employees will receive the said recognition this year.

The grant of loyalty award is pursuant to Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 02-0295. These policies were formulated “to recognize the continuous and satisfactory service rendered in the government by officials and employees for a period of ten years.”

“It is one way we can pay back these officials and employees who have been with us for decades. I am very thankful for your unconditional love for work and sacrifices for the agency,” added Ramirez.

“As we look back at the 30 years of the PSC and give a nod of appreciation to these leaders who charted the course of our agency at one point in time,” explained the sports chief who has the distinction of being the only one who has led the agency twice as its Chairman.

The PSC has been relentless in strengthening its presence in the grassroots, following personal instructions from President Rodrigo Duterte to bring sports to the periphery and to involve the youth.

The agency has been very active in the countryside with different projects and initiatives meant to entice people to get into sports through supporting community leaders on their development of sports programs.(PSC)

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