Migrante Canada organizes `Sagip Migrante’ for Taal volcano eruption victims


Assistance to the victims of the Taal Volcano eruption

On January 12, Taal volcano, one of the most active volcanos in the Philippines, erupted evacuating 24,000 people who were immediately affected, from the volcanic island. Close to 500,000 inhabitants within a 17km perimeter were also asked to evacuate.

“Sagip Migrante” Migrante’s Calamity support project that led the fundraising efforts in Canada when the Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines is once again being renewed.

On behalf of the 20 member organizations across Canada, Migrante once again requests for your support for the victims in the Philippines. Cash would be the best and fastest way to remit back home however we also accept non-perishable goods: rice, canned goods, food that can be stored for a long time, face masks (N95 type or higher) etc.

Donations can be e-transfered directly to Migrante Canada ( with the subject “Sagip Migrante”

Donations (cash and cheque) can also be dropped off to the local Migrante organization in your city:

Ottawa:   Migrante Ottawa (Aimee Beboso,, 613.255.1921)

Toronto: Migrante Canada (Sol Pajadura,, 647.919.5421)

Montreal: Migrante Quebec (Tony De Jesus,, 514.850.7077)

Calgary: Migrante Alberta ( – Jay Zapata, Calgary, 403.615.2330; 

Edmonton: Cynthia Palmaria, Edmonton, 780.937.5908)

Vancouver: Migrante BC (Chris Sorio,, 416.828.0441)

Winnipeg: Migrante MB (Diwa Marcelino,, 204.218.7100)

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