City introduces the “Employee Experience” and latest employee survey results

News Release
City introduces the “Employee Experience” and latest employee survey results

Adam Laughlin, Interim City Manager, and Kim Armstrong, Deputy City Manager of Employee Services, unveiled the City of Edmonton’s work to create and sustain a positive employee experience.

“Through extensive consultation and research, we have learned that employees are looking for six elements—meaningful work, growth opportunities, supportive environment, wellness, trust in leadership and a sense of empowerment,” said Adam Laughlin. “It’s these elements that contribute to the overall employee experience and are the focus of much of our work at the City.”

Over the past year, the City worked on 13 different projects and initiatives to enhance the employee experience. These include developing women as leaders, introducing a new employee recognition and appreciation framework, building leadership among employees and delivering respectful workplace training.

“We’ve done a tremendous amount of work this past year—work that will continue to create a healthy, vibrant and innovative workplace” said Kim Armstrong.

The City also released the results from its latest employee “check-in” survey, which was conducted in December. These “check-in” surveys, a new approach for the City, are shorter and offered quarterly.

“Conducting these “check-in” surveys every three months allows us to be more agile and responsive to employee feedback. They serve as a powerful tool to help inform our work,” said Kim Armstrong.

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