PBS launches musical get-together to honor Pinoy front-liners

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) – The Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS) is launching a musical get-together starting next week to honor Filipino front-liners continuing to work amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

The program entitled “Parangal, Bayanihan at Samahan – We Heal As One” will be aired beginning April 20, 5 p.m. at FM 1 Philippines, FM 1 Davao, FM 2 Philippines and Radyo Pilipinas.

PBS is tapping various musical artists in the Philippines and abroad.

“As we all work hand in hand to flatten the curve we also want to pay special tribute to all of our front-liners in the medical and safety lines as well as those who are in service– those who may be working in the background but are in frontline of their own making sure that hospitals are clean, those who make sure your garbage bins are emptied and your groceries stocked and scanned, and you. Yes, you who stay home to make sure the virus does not claim another victim,” PBS said in a statement.

“Philippine Broadcasting Service radio stations RP1, FM1 and FM2 invite you to a musical get-together in honor of our Filipino front-liners,” it added.

PBS is a state radio network which owns and operates several radio stations nationwide under the Presidential Communications Operations Office. (PNA)

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