Face coverings to be required inside all City buildings, amenities, attractions and on Edmonton Transit

News Release

Face coverings to be required inside all City buildings, amenities, attractions and on Edmonton Transit

The City of Edmonton will require face coverings to be worn indoors at all City-owned and operated buildings, facilities, amenities and attractions effective August 1.
“Our first priority throughout the pandemic has been maintaining everyone’s safety and well-being. Taking this step will help protect the safety of everyone accessing City services, enjoying our facilities or riding on Edmonton Transit,” said Interim City Manager Adam Laughlin.
Face coverings will be required in all publicly accessible spaces in City-owned and operated facilities, attractions and amenities, and while riding on Edmonton Transit. The new measure is being introduced after a careful consideration of public health recommendations and Edmontonians’ views on COVID-19 and face coverings. 
Recent survey research of Edmontonians found that 71 per cent feel making masks mandatory would make it more likely for them to use public transit again. The number was even higher—76 per cent—for those who believe masks should be mandatory inside public places.
“Our expectation is everyone will wear a face covering while they’re inside any of these public spaces. Over the coming weeks we will focus on education as Edmontonians adjust to this new requirement,” said Laughlin. 
Some exceptions will be allowed, including:

  • Children under 2 
  • People with underlying medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering and those who cannot wear or remove one without assistance
  • People eating or drinking inside public spaces that offer food or beverages
  • People who are exercising or engaging in athletic activities
  • Caregivers or those accompanying someone with a disability 
  • People who need to temporarily remove their face covering to provide or receive a service 

Over the coming days the City staff will work together and with local and regional partners to ensure this new measure is implemented effectively.For more information:edmonton.ca/COVID-19

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