‘Potential Covid-19 situation’ at Philippine Consulate in Calgary



The Philippine Consulate General in Calgary (PCG) wishes to inform the public that an applicant who recently travelled outside of Canada and just arrived in Alberta two days ago came today, 25 July 2020, to the PCG to apply for passport.

Following the guidelines of the Alberta Health Services (AHS), that person should have been observing self-isolation for 14 days.

After explaining the AHS guidelines to the person, the PCG immediately requested him and his family members to leave the premises of the PCG and requested them to rebook their passport appointments.

The PCG also disinfected the chairs they used and the areas they touched.

The PCG has contacted the AHS to report the incident and will remain open, unless advised otherwise by AHS.

The PCG is disclosing this information to its applicants and we leave it up to their discretion whether they would like to proceed with their passport appointments in the coming days or if they wish to rebook their appointments at a later date.

The PCG reiterates its appeal to the public to follow the public health measures set by the AHS to prevent the spread of COVID-19. More information may be obtained from this link:

Thank you for your cooperation.

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