PSC gets major revamp in wake of payroll fraud

PSC gets major revamp in wake of payroll fraud

REVAMP. Atty. Guillermo Iroy Jr. gets new job as acting executive director as part of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) revamp in light of a payroll fraud involving an employee of the agency. Iroy replaced Merlita Ibay who reoccupied to her original designation as deputy executive director for finance and administrative services. (PSC photo)

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) – Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez on Wednesday said necessary changes in the agency’s organizational setup were approved in an executive meeting in light of an employee’s fraudulent acts discovered last week.

“It was a collective decision of the board as part of a plan to re-stabilize the organization,” Ramirez said.

Part of the said revamp is the appointment of Atty. Guillermo Iroy, Jr. as acting Executive Director vice Merlita Ibay who reoccupied her original designation as deputy executive director for finance and administrative services before being tapped as executive director.

Queenie Evangelista, will head the Bureau of Coordinating Secretariat and Support Services as its Acting Deputy Executive Director.

Not one to wince in the face of challenge, Ramirez acknowledged the lapses in the agency and vowed to ensure that necessary investigation, correction, and sanction are done.

“As the highest accountable official of the agency, I take responsibility to effect changes, to make sure that there are no gaps in the organization. I feel sad, frustrated, and hurt but we all have to have composure,” said Ramirez.

He added that he hopes all stakeholders and partners “are at peace with these decisions and continue to support us through this.”

So far, the National Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice and the Office of the Solicitor General have been asked to assist with the investigation and case.

Other leadership changes within the agency are set to be undertaken within the week. (PR)

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