Premier Kenney issues statement to recognize Terry Fox Day

News Release

Terry Fox Day: Statement from Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued this statement to recognize Terry Fox Day:

“2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s remarkable Marathon of Hope. In 1980, he ran an average of 42 kilometres, or 26 miles, every day for 143 days to raise money and awareness for cancer. Today, Canadians remain as moved and motivated by him as we were four decades ago.

“As a kid, I clearly remember looking up to Terry and being inspired by him. He inspired us all. That’s why his original dream to raise $22 million for cancer research – one dollar from every Canadian – has snowballed into more than $700 million raised through fun runs around the world.

“Although COVID-19 may preclude large-scale community runs this year, we remain heartened by Terry himself, who said, ‘Anything is possible if you try.’ So, the Terry Fox Foundation is asking us to unite in spirit, not in person, and take part in virtual runs on our own time.

“May Canadians take time today to run or walk – each as we are able – to honour the memory of this courageous young man and his dream to beat cancer.”

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