Welcome back to school: Premier Kenney, Minister LaGrange

News Release

Welcome back to school: Premier Kenney, Minister LaGrange

Premier Jason Kenney and Education Minister Adriana LaGrange issued the following statement on the return to school:

“All across Alberta, students, teachers and educational staff are heading back to school. 

“For students, a school can mean more than a place to just learn. It can be a place to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, and to interact with role models and mentors. For teachers and staff, school is a place to help young minds expand and thrive, and to provide meaningful daily supports and connections – whether through classroom instruction, teacher-directed learning at home, organizing activities, driving a bus or keeping schools safe.

“On behalf of Alberta’s government, we offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in our education system for your resilience, flexibility and innovation these past several months.

“Whether you are a teacher who delivered lessons online, a student who finished the year despite missing friends and sports, a parent who helped children at home, or a staff member who helped your school adapt – you all rose to the challenge of supporting and protecting each other. And we know you will continue to rise to the challenge over the coming school year.  

“This week, schools begin reopening their doors under Alberta’s robust re-entry plan, which will allow our students and staff to return to school safely with important public health and safety measures in place. Among the many measures will be extra cleaning, distancing, cohorting and masking.

“We all know how critical school can be to the well-being of young people and families everywhere. And thanks to the dedication and expertise of everyone involved in our education system – and the expert guidance of our health professionals – we know that this school year can, and will be, a great one.”

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