Ministers Shandro, LaGrange issue statements on Terry Fox Run

News Release

Terry Fox Run: Ministers Shandro and LaGrange

Minister of Health Tyler Shandro and Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange issued the following statement on the Terry Fox Run:

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s historic Marathon of Hope to raise awareness of cancer. ‘I want to set an example that will never be forgotten,’ Terry said – and he did.

“In 1980, the 22-year-old athlete ran almost a marathon a day for 143 days, despite having lost his right leg to cancer. He went on to raise more than $23 million (the population of Canada at the time) for cancer research, and inspire generations of Canadians and people around the world.

“For so many of us in Alberta, the annual run in his name is a chance to honour Terry’s legacy. It is also an important time to recognize that cancer touches all of us in some way – we are all in this together – and together we will find a cure.

“Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death each year in Canada. But fortunately, because of funding research, prevention efforts, screening and treatments, the overall cancer survival rate has increased from about 25 per cent in the 1940s to more than 60 per cent today.

“Terry was committed to helping others and met life’s challenges head-on. This year, much of the run in his name will be virtual – so everyone can protect one another during COVID-19 and follow public health guidelines.

“On and around Sept. 30, schools across Alberta are also finding safe, creative ways to participate in the Terry Fox School Run, such as going outside one class at a time and holding virtual assemblies.

“Whatever your run looks like, please have fun and stay safe. Share your story and post photos with the hashtags #TerryFoxRun and #TryLikeTerry.

“And remember the words Terry made real for all of us: ‘Anything is possible if you try.’ ”

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