Free small business webinar series launches for the fall

Public Service Announcement

Free small business webinar series launches for the fall

The City of Edmonton continues to support the growth of small business by offering a new series of free online webinars designed to help navigate the City’s regulatory processes and enable a smoother, more streamlined experience.
The webinar series is part of a larger Small Business Support Program, a one-on-one program that helps small businesses understand the regulatory processes involved with opening a small business and works to reduce barriers to startup and expansion.
Each webinar is based on a topic or theme that is relevant to the season and needs of small business owners. The first one will take place on Thursday, September 24, and will focus on starting a home business.
Online webinar listings, dates and registration information can be found on the City of Edmonton Small Business Series webpage as information becomes available. The following dates are confirmed:

  • Thursday, September 24 – Starting a Home Business 
  • Tuesday, September 29 – Opening Business in a Commercial Location 
  • Tuesday, October 20 – Starting a Home Business 
  • Wednesday, October 21 – Starting a Home Business and Becoming an Entrepreneur
  • Thursday, October 22 – Starting your Dream Food Business
  • Monday, November 9 – Starting a Home Business 
  • Friday, November 20 – Opening a Business in a Commercial Location 

For more information:edmonton.ca/smallbusinessseries

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