City of Edmonton asks Edmontonians to follow new restrictions and help stop the COVID-19 spike

News Release

City of Edmonton asks Edmontonians to follow new restrictions and help stop the COVID-19 spike

The City of Edmonton urges all residents and businesses to follow new mandatory restrictions, introduced by the province yesterday for at least the next three weeks, to turn around the aggressive spread of COVID-19.
“The next three weeks are a crucial test of our accountability as individuals, families, businesses and community. The mandatory restrictions are stop signs, meant to force immediate behaviour change,” said Interim City Manager Adam Laughlin. “They are tough measures to interrupt the surge in cases. If we don’t stop and bend the curve, we risk the same or stricter measures during the holidays.”
“With the new restrictions announced by the province, we are prepared to marshall our resources and all our efforts to stop the growing spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “When faced with daunting challenges, Edmontonians have always shown resolve and determination. We will face the COVID challenge by working together. While we can’t be together physically right now, if we unite for the common purpose of stopping the spike, I know we will be successful.”
The City is assessing how the new provincial restrictions will affect our services and service delivery and will provide the Emergency Advisory Committee (EAC) of Council with a comprehensive implementation update on Friday, November 27. At this time, the City is not recommending that a State of Local Emergency be enacted by the EAC, however the City will continue to monitor the situation and make that recommendation if necessary.
Ongoing City actions that support the province’s new restrictions will continue in the following areas: enforcement, masks and working from home.
EnforcementCity of Edmonton enforcement officers have been enforcing restrictions at pubs and bars alongside the Public Safety Compliance Team. With the new restrictions on businesses announced yesterday, the City welcomes the opportunity to support provincial authorities by adding our Peace Officers to the enforcement process, pending approval by the province.

  • For complaints about self-isolation restrictions, mass gatherings, workplaces or businesses not complying with closures, please continue to use the AHS Complaints form.

MasksThe City’s mask bylaw remains in effect. A mask or face covering must be worn in all enclosed publicly accessible spaces and public vehicles. The province has made masks mandatory in all public indoor workplaces in the Edmonton area.

Working from HomeThe City asks that all Edmonton businesses consider having employees work from home for the next three weeks wherever possible. City of Edmonton employees have been strongly encouraged to work from home since March and of those who are able to, more than 90 per cent are working from home.
The City ask everyone to continue to follow the fundamental COVID-19 health measures:

  • Wash your hands frequently. 
  • Wear a face covering or mask. 
  • Do not attend or hold indoor gatherings anywhere, including your own home. 
  • Keep as physically distant as possible from those outside your household. 
  • Stay home if sick.

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