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Pinoy self-publishes ‘Covid-19 Fundemic’

Romeo Honorio has released his self-published book which is now available on

Tap on the link below:

This is his second book after “Open Visa” published in 2011.

News Release:

Title of the books

Covid-19 Fundemic (Self Published) ISBN 978-1-7774589-0-4
Date Published Dec. 2020


This COVID-19 pandemic sucks! The world is suffering. Statistics are loud and clear.

And we should be thankful we have multitudes of essential front-line heroes willing and able to
combat this menace.

However, they can only do so much as they, too, are both vulnerable and affected. Health-wise, mentally, and psychologically we cannot afford to let them suffer.
They keep the spread at bay to the best of their abilities. How then do we support and lift their spirits up? The challenge is enormous. But there happens to be one item from human’s faculty that is a widely sought-after cure. It is been tested, tried and true. And you probably already know what I am referring to. You guessed it. Laughter. It is fresh air that invigorates a
suffocating soul and powerful enough to relieve and lighten the mental load that comes with living through this global crisis. As we all know, laugher has a way of eliciting renewed vigor to keep on keeping on.
If it is not already obvious, I want to dedicate this book to all the COVID-19 heroes (first
responders, front line workers, health care professionals, men and women in uniform, essential
personnel and more) as a token of appreciation for their talent, time, sacrifices, and dedication in making our world a safer and healthier place to survive and thrive. Maintaining humanity’s health against the virus is the noblest deed one can do at this juncture in our history. Our heroes’ personal and collective experiences amid this pandemic must be preserved both today and for the future. They are the keepers of our public health, catalysts behind our evolving new-normal and history makers for next generations to lean on and learn from. They are the champions of our well-being worthy of commendation, recognition, respect, honour, praise and
more importantly laughter. Hence, this book proposes we declare, and celebrate the first day of winter as COVID-19 PANDEMIC HEROES DAY in Canada!
The following pages contains a hodgepodge (to mirror this hodgepodge of a year we have all had and continue to deal with) compilation of illustrations, musings, poems, and contem￾plations that recount both the critical and comical moments that have emerged from this
corona catastrophe. As the title suggests, I want to focus on the ‘fun’ during this mayhem and, at the same time, encourage your participation in recording moments and memories that have defined this pandemic for you.
Lined and blank pages are sprinkled throughout – so please let your creativity and artistry run wild! Draw, crumple, rip, sketch, paint, paste – the possibilities are endless. Think of this as ashared diary comprised of yours and my stories that reflect a unique and ultimately unified experience of this pandemic, we can all relate to in one way or another.

I hope you find comfort and comedy in this process and come away with insight and inspiration to cherish and share.

  1. Open Visa (ISBN 978-1-77069-269-5 Word Alive Press. 131 Cordite Rd. Winnipeg, MB
    R3W 1S1 Date published June 2011
    Subject matter: Stories of foreign workers’ challenges and successes in Alberta.
    Audience: Foreign workers and their families | public

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