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COVID-19 fatalities: Statement from Premier Kenney

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COVID-19 fatalities: Statement from Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement on COVID-19 deaths in Alberta: 

“Today, we learned that 112 more people lost their lives to COVID-19, meaning that our province has now lost more than 1,000 Albertans to this pandemic. This tragic milestone is more than a number or statistic. It represents more than 1,000 mothers, wives, fathers, husbands – empty spaces around the table that can never be filled. Each one means that there is a family that is grieving, a friend who has lost someone they loved, a child who lost their parent, a partner who lost their true love.

“To all those who are grieving, Alberta grieves with you. Words cannot ease the pain caused by this loss, and I know it seems unfair that public safety measures mean we cannot say a proper goodbye to those who mean so much to us. This is part of COVID-19’s heartbreaking cost. It is why we must all work together to support those who have lost someone and do all we can to spare others from experiencing this grief.

“But, even as we reach this painful milestone, there is reason for hope. The first Albertans have already received the COVID-19 vaccine, and more are getting vaccinated every day. As of today, more than 6,000 Albertans have received their first vaccine doses. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And so on this grim day, I ask all Albertans to double down on our public health measures. Let’s prevent as many Albertans as we can from experiencing the same pain and loss that so many already have.”

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