PSA: Stay safe, stay off the ice

Public Service Announcement

Stay safe, stay off the ice

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services urges Edmontians to stay off the North Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has responded to seven river rescue calls in the last two weeks, an almost 50 per cent increase in call volume compared to the same time period last year.
“I am gravely concerned about the individual who doesn’t adhere to the warnings that result in river rescues which put the safety of citizens and our first responders in jeopardy,” said Bruce McWhinnie, Chief of Special Operations, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services. “If you are pulled under an ice shelf, we can’t get to you.”
Walking on the ice is never safe. No matter how thick ice appears, there can be weak areas that can give way at any moment. This is true for all bodies of water including the North Saskatchewan River, creeks and stormwater facilities. 
Additionally, you can face the risk of hypothermia which reduces the ability to pull yourself out of the water.
Residents who witness someone fall through the ice are urged to:

  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Establish and maintain a point of reference where the individual was last seen.
  • Never attempt to rescue an individual or pet that has fallen through the ice.  

For more information:edmonton.ca/activities_parks_recreation/be-safe-on-ice

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