UHC law to facilitate Covid-19 vaccination rollout: Gordon


Senator Richard Gordon (File photo)

MANILA (Philippines News Agency)– As the Senate continues its hearing on the national Covid-19 vaccination program, Senator Richard Gordon pointed out that implementing the Universal Health Care (UHC) law would ensure speedy and organized rollout of the vaccination program.

Gordon said the UHC mandates that every Filipino shall register with a public or private primary care provider of choice, adding that it would be easier to distribute the vaccine if they are registered with their primary care providers.

Nakalagay dyan na (UHC law provides that) every Filipino shall register with public or private primary care provider of choice. May duty ang bawat Pilipino na mag-register siya (Every Filipino has the duty to register). We must implement it because that is what the law provides and if we do it hindi tayo mahihirapan (it would not be difficult for us),” he said in a news release on Saturday.

He said the Department of Health should endeavor to contact private, province-wide and city-wide health care systems for the delivery of population-based health services, as mandated by the UHC law.

“Kung may primary health care provider magawa ‘yan. Madali nating malalaman kung sinong may sakit sa primary health care provider na ‘yan (If there is primary health care provider, it can be done, we can easily know who are sick),” Gordon said.

He said that through the primary health care provider, the government can also monitor if an individual has already been inoculated for Covid-19 vaccine.

“Samakatuwid, pairalin lang natin itong Universal Health Care law. Hindi na tayo mahihirapan. (Therefore, just implement this UHC law. It will not be difficult for us). Everybody wants to reinvent the wheel, but the solution is right in front of us,” Gordon said. (PR)

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