City responds to melt and temperature drop 

News Release

City responds to melt and temperature drop 

After a sudden drop in temperature, the City advises caution as roads and sidewalks may be icy and pose a risk of slips and falls for Edmontonians.

Crews are working to address ice and buildup on roads and City-maintained pathways, including putting graders out to remove ice from gutters to allow water flow when the temperatures rise. The City will have resources out in order to reduce the risk to citizens but as temperatures fluctuate, roads and sidewalks may become slippery. 

Salt/sanders are out keeping roads safe during freeze-thaw cycles. If your residential road received ruts due to the warm weather, or has unsafe conditions, please report them through the 311 app and crews will be dispatched. 

Slippery sidewalks are dangerous for everyone. Property owners are asked to ensure sidewalks adjacent to their property are safe to walk on and clear of snow and ice. Please use sand/salt to improve traction. Free sand is available throughout the city at City of Edmonton roadway maintenance yards and community league halls. If a community sandbox is empty, please call 311. 

For residents setting out their waste for collection, please clear the snow and ice from around your collection area and spread sand for traction. This will help keep waste collectors safe.


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