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Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout set to expand

News Release
Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout set to expand

Alberta’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout will soon offer 495,500 more Albertans the chance to be protected from the virus.

Within two weeks, participating pharmacies and Alberta Health Services will begin vaccinating Albertans between the ages of 65 and 74, and First Nations, Métis and Inuit persons age 50 or older, regardless of where they live.
Health officials are adapting quickly as new supplies and vaccines become available. Alberta is still awaiting a firm delivery schedule from the federal government for April and beyond.

“This is another big step in our vaccine rollout. Almost half a million more Albertans can now look forward to booking their appointment in the coming weeks. We promised Albertans that we would administer vaccines as safely and quickly as possible – and we are keeping that promise.”
Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health

“I strongly encourage every Albertan to get immunized when they are eligible. All vaccines currently approved for use in Alberta will protect individuals against severe outcomes from COVID-19, including hospitalization and death. Booking an appointment for the vaccine brings us closer to leaving COVID-19 behind us.”
Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health

Phase 2A

Bookings for Phase 2A of the COVID-19 vaccine program will begin the week of March 15.
More than 437,000 Albertans will be offered the vaccine. To reduce wait times and vaccinate people as quickly as possible, appointment bookings will be offered by age group.
For example, on Day 1, anyone born in 1947 will be eligible to book an appointment. On Day 2, anyone born in 1948 will be able to book. In subsequent days, Albertans born in 1949 would be eligible, and so on. Booking days will open up by year of birth until all Albertans between the ages of 65 and 74 have the chance to be vaccinated.
Appointments will be booked through participating pharmacies, online or through Health Link. Exact timing will be announced the week of March 15. Vaccines will start being administered the same or following day.
First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people aged 50 and older will also receive the vaccine starting the week of March 15. Those living on-reserve will book appointments through First Nations and Inuit Health and their local health centres, while those living off-reserve will be able to start booking online or via pharmacies on Day 1.
Staff and residents in seniors supportive living facilities who are not already vaccinated will also be able to book appointments starting on Day 1.


Starting March 10, 58,500 AstraZeneca vaccine doses will also be available to Albertans aged 50 to 64, who are currently in Phase 2D. Those in Phases 2B and 2C are ineligible for the AstraZeneca vaccine due to age, chronic health conditions or living arrangements.
Current evidence suggests that the AstraZeneca vaccine is highly effective at preventing serious illness and death in those under 65. The vaccine is widely used in the United Kingdom, France and other countries. More information on the benefits of getting the vaccine are online.
Based on supply, anyone between the ages of 50 and 64 who does not have severe chronic illness will be able to:

Book an appointment online.

Wait to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine when Phase 2D formally begins in early May.

Bookings for AstraZeneca will start on March 10 with individuals born in 1957. If supply exists, Albertans born in 1958 to 1971 will be offered a chance to book in the following days, rolling one year at a time.
Alberta’s government is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by protecting lives and livelihoods with precise measures to bend the curve, sustain small businesses and protect Alberta’s health-care system.

Quick facts

AstraZeneca has been shown to reduce infection by 60 to 70 per cent, and severe outcomes like hospitalization by 80 per cent.

266,231 doses of vaccine have now been administered in Alberta. This includes 89,786 Albertans who have been fully immunized with two doses.

All Albertans can register to be notified when it is their turn to receive the vaccine. Register to receive an email when you can book your appointment, and any timeline changes.

Anyone who has received the vaccine is expected to continue to follow health guidelines and restrictions.

More information on Phase 2B-D of Alberta’s vaccine rollout will be released in the coming weeks.

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