On Holy Week, PRRD hopes Pinoys seek ‘peace, generosity’

By Ruth Abbey Gita-Carlos  

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) – As the Catholic faithful observes Lent, President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Friday urged his fellowmen to aspire to become “channels of peace and generosity,” especially to the needy.

Duterte issued the statement as he joined the Catholic community in remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during the observance of the Holy Week.

“I urge you to inspire one another to become channels of peace and generosity to our people, especially those who are suffering,” he said in his Lenten message.

Duterte said the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ serve as an inspiration for everyone to lead a meaningful life despite trials and challenges.

“As we take a moment to reflect on the message of Lent, may we find a renewed sense of compassion that is rooted in the ultimate sacrifice of Christ at the cross,” he said.

He also urged everyone to aim for a “more inclusive and humane society” that allows peace and unity to prosper.

“Together, let us continue pursuing a more inclusive and humane society anchored on solidarity and genuine concern for each other,” he said.

Duterte is optimistic that Filipinos would still have a “blessed and meaningful” Holy Week despite restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

He also looked forward to the success of the country’s battle against Covid-19.

“Let this example of a pure act of love renew our faith as we overcome the current Covid-19 pandemic,” Duterte said.

This is the second time that the observance of Holy Week in the Philippines has been restricted because of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, Maundy Thursday (April 1), Good Friday (April 2), and Black Saturday (April 3) have been declared holidays to allow Filipinos to observe Lent. (PNA)

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