Fire restriction issued in Edmonton

Public Service Announcement

Fire restriction issued in Edmonton

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has issued a fire restriction that prohibits open burning and fireworks.

The decision is based in part on the Fire Weather Index (FWI), which takes into account weather data such as temperature, humidity, wind speeds and precipitation, as well as the progressive green-up of vegetation which is yet to occur given the time of year.

Backyard fire pits and recreational cook stoves in parks are allowed, provided they are used with caution. Backyard fire pits must meet all the requirements of the fire pit bylaw.

The City will emphasize compliance over enforcement. However, anyone who does not comply with the terms of this restriction may be subject to fines or charges if the activity causes a safety issue. A resultant fine may also include costs for emergency services.

If this spring continues to provide warm and dry conditions resulting in extreme FWI values, a fire ban may be implemented. A fire ban would prohibit the use of backyard fire pits, cooking stoves in parks, and barbecues using solid fuels such as wood and briquettes.

This restriction will remain in effect until further notice. Edmonton Fire Rescue Services will continue to monitor the Fire Weather Index rating in order to determine the necessary precautions required to keep people safe.

In early spring, there is a heightened risk in natural areas and great caution is necessary by people using these areas. Carelessly discarded smoking material can have a devastating effect in these dry conditions. 

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