UCP seeking wage rollbacks from frontline health workers: ‘Shameful’, says NDP Health Critic MLA Shepherd

MEDIA STATEMENT: UCP seeking wage rollbacks from frontline health workers

Alberta NDP Health Critic David Shepherd issued the following statement after news that the UCP government is seeking a four per cent wage rollback from frontline health workers


“Frontline healthcare workers have guided Alberta through a dramatic global pandemic for the past 15 months. They have saved lives and provided exceptional care each and every day. All Albertans have seen the dedication and commitment of these workers.


“All Albertans except, it seems, Jason Kenney and the UCP. Today’s news that the UCP are pursuing deep wage cuts for frontline healthcare workers just as Alberta is starting to climb out of this pandemic shows a dramatic and galling disrespect for the care they have provided Albertans. These workers have changed sheets, served meals and cleaned hospital rooms, all while risking their own exposure to COVID-19.


“This is shameful. These workers deserve a fair and respectful negotiation. Instead, Jason Kenney and the UCP have turned their backs on them. Albertans will not forget this betrayal.”


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