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EDMONTON – A UCP MLA has broken ranks with the Jason Kenney government and poured harsh criticism on his widely condemned curriculum.


Tracy Allard, MLA for Grande Prairie, wrote a six-page letter to Education Minister Adriana LaGrange today listing dozens of concerns, and then distributed the letter to constituents.   


“I believe our government must re-engage with stakeholders and more fully draw them into the process of redevelopment such that they feel a party to the process and not subject to the material presented. I am asking, on behalf of my constituents, that you slow down and work together for the greatest possible outcome,” Allard wrote.


“It is my understanding that the vast majority of constituents that reached out to me or my office also copied your office, so I don’t expect this feedback to come as a surprise.”


Allard’s letter follows months of condemnation of the Kenney curriculum from teachers, parents, students, Indigenous leaders, racialized Albertans, and Francophones. School districts representing 95 per cent of Alberta students have refused to pilot any part of it, and no district has agreed to pilot more than three of its eight subjects.


“I’m glad Tracy Allard can see this failed curriculum for what it is, so why can’t Adriana LaGrange?” said Sarah Hoffman, NDP Critic for Education. “The feedback listed in the letter is very similar to feedback that my office has received, and I’m confident that UCP MLAs across the province are hearing the same.


“Albertans don’t want a curriculum written by Jason Kenney’s racist friend Chris Champion. Albertans want a modern and inclusive curriculum that every student can see themselves in.


“If we form the next government, the NDP is committed to working with Albertans to achieve that.”



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