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EDMONTON – Jason Kenney’s plan to pay unvaccinated Albertans and return to mask mandates, curfews, and restrictions punishes all Albertans for his political decision not to proceed with NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s vaccine passport plan.


On Friday, Jason Kenney announced Alberta will pay $100-per-dose to any Albertan who gets their first and second shot of vaccine, but those who have already gotten their shots aren’t eligible.


Kenney also brought back restrictions including mandatory indoor masking, a 10pm curfew for liquor service, recommended limits on social gatherings, and recommended pauses on returning to in-person workplaces.


The Alberta NDP is instead proposing a simple, secure and scannable vaccine passport system that would apply only to non-essential businesses. This plan allows vaccinated Albertans to live their normal lives freely while protecting Alberta’s health care system and stopping the spread of COVID-19.  


“Jason Kenney wants to go back to restrictions. I want Albertans to move forward with passports,” said Notley. “What’s more, Kenney is taking millions of dollars from Albertans who have done the right thing and give that money to those who have refused to follow the advice of doctors, nurses and health care professionals.”


The President of AHS acknowledged today that ICU capacity has reached 95 per cent, and there will be widespread cancellation of surgeries across the province.


“The health of every single Albertan depends on a strong health care system. We see cancellations of 30 to 60 per cent of scheduled surgeries across the province. Sick kids, sick grandparents are having their critical surgeries postponed. We can’t let that continue.


“We should be able to take our kids to hockey games. We should be able to run our businesses. We should be able to feel safe in public spaces. While Jason Kenney caters to the most extreme, anti-science fringe members of his UCP caucus, we are standing up for the more than 70 per cent of eligible Albertans who have made the responsible choice to get their shots,” Notley said.

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