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1,718 new Covid-19 cases in Alberta; 10 new deaths in last 24 hours

Dr.Deena Hinshaw tweets:

Here is a summary of today’s #COVID19AB update: Given the state of public health emergency issued yesterday, I will be providing regular COVID-19 updates 2X/week to keep Albertans informed & answer questions to the best of my ability. (1/11)

Over the last 24 hours, we ID’d 1,718 new cases & completed about 16.3K tests. Our positivity rate was about 10.6%. Hospitalizations continue to rise with 896 people being treated for COVID-19 in hospital, incl 222 in the ICU. There are now 18,706 active cases in Alberta. (2/11)

Sadly, 10 new deaths were reported to Alberta Health in the last 24 hrs. Every life lost leaves behind grieving family & friends. My sympathies go to those who are mourning today. These & previous deaths, are reminders that there are many vulnerable ppl in our province. (3/11)

I want to help clarify some details about the restrictions announced yesterday, such as why social gatherings need to be limited if all attendees are vaccinated. I know it was a lot of information at once, and want everyone to fully understand the new rules going forward. (4/11)

Our health system is straining to treat all COVID-19 cases. While close to 78% of hosp/ICU cases are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, 22% are fully vaccinated. Many of them have underlying health conditions affecting their ability to fight off infections. (5/11)

While 2 vaccine doses are about 85% effective against the Delta variant, that leaves a 15% window for infection. With our high COVID-19 rate right now, we need to do all we can to safeguard ourselves & our health-care system, and stop opportunities for COVID-19 to spread. (6/11)

Another question is whether weddings are limited to 50 ppl w/mandatory vaccination. If the venue implements the proof of immunization program, a wedding/funeral may proceed w/o the cap if all 12+ attendees have valid proof of immunization or a recent neg COVID test. (7/11)

If seeking a negative COVID test to access a business or service you must get this test privately. AHS’s testing is for those w/symptoms & need it most. Or you can get vaccinated for free to get protection, help beat down the wave, and save you money spent on testing. (8/11)

Some businesses, incl grocery & gas stations count as “essential for daily living” & won’t have an exemption program. A list of sectors will be posted online. Salons & personal services are subject to masking & distancing except when service is being provided. (9/11)

Finally, businesses do not need to apply for the Restriction Exemption Program. However, audits & enforcement will occur to make sure the rules are being followed. All of the public health orders are mandatory & legally enforceable. (10/11)

I know many ABs are frustrated & tired. We all play a role in limiting COVID-19 spread & protecting ourselves. By following these rules & the spirit behind them, & avoiding contact as much as possible w/ ppl we don’t live with, we can get back on track and save lives. (11/11)


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