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Possible privacy breach on vaccine records website

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Possible privacy breach on vaccine records website

A technical issue on the website used to access the updated QR code vaccine record for travel has resulted in a possible privacy breach on the morning of Nov. 24.

Alberta Health’s support desk received 12 reports from Albertans that they got the wrong vaccine record when they entered their information on The information that appeared on the record is the name, date of birth and the COVID-19 vaccination information. The QR code record is not connected to any other health or personal information.

The website was shut down immediately following these reports. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the technical problem and the number of Albertans affected. It does not appear to be caused by a security breach to the system.

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has been informed about the ongoing investigation into the potential privacy breach.

Albertans can continue to access the previous version of the vaccine record with the QR code at

“Protecting Albertans’ personal information is always our top priority and I apologize for this potential breach. Alberta Health took immediate action by taking the website and the updated record down. I want to assure Albertans they will be kept informed once the investigation is complete and the updated record for travel will be available as soon as the technical issue is addressed.”Jason Copping, Minister of Health

Millions of Albertans have already safely and securely accessed almost five million QR code vaccine records since Oct. 1. Albertans can use their records with a QR code at Alberta businesses taking part in the Restrictions Exemption Program and while travelling. Other provinces’ apps can now scan the original Alberta QR code vaccine record.

The updated standardized record for travel is not required for travel but recommended once available. Albertans planning to travel need to check the required travel documents with the Government of Canada and their destination ahead of any interprovincial or international travel.

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