City of Edmonton: Tips for safe, efficient winter waste collection

Public Service Announcement
Tips for safe, efficient winter waste collection

This is the first winter when all Edmonton homes that have curbside collection will use carts to set out their garbage and food scraps, and with a few small changes, cart collection will continue to be easy and efficient.

Setting out your carts
When setting out your cart in snowy conditions, please ensure it is not blocked by snow. A good place to leave your cart is at the end of your driveway in the alley, or on the street against the curb if you have front street collection; that way, you won’t need to do any extra shoveling.

Here are some tips to make sure that your cart is easily accessible during winter:
Clear ice and snow away from your collection area.
Place your cart in front of windrows or snowbanks, not on top, behind or in.
Place your cart on solid, level ground — no need to shovel down to the asphalt if the road is compacted with snow.
Avoid placing waste near downspouts or discharge pipes. Your cart could freeze to the ground.

The City offers a free Assisted Waste program for residents who have challenges moving their carts. It’s available seasonally or year-round. Apply at edmonton.ca/waste.

Frozen food scraps
A small amount of frozen organics in the food scraps cart is to be expected, especially in extreme cold weather. Here are some tips to ensure your food scraps are emptied from your cart on collection day:
Avoid storing your food scraps cart indoors between collections, as liquid can collect and freeze when moved outdoors.
Strain liquid from watery organics like soups and sauces before placing them in the cart.
Pre-freeze organics in separate containers before putting them outside in your food scraps cart.
Use BPI/BNQ certified compostable bags. However, these bags may break down and liquids can seep through, so do your best to decrease the moisture of your food scraps.
Use a broom or shovel handle to loosen items so the cart empties easily.

Winter waste collection schedule
From November 9 to March 25, food scraps carts are collected once every two weeks, and never on the same week as garbage carts. Food scraps carts are collected less frequently in the winter as the volume decreases in winter and odour is less of an issue. Setting out only one cart per collection day makes it easier for residents to manage their cart around snow, and the reduced collection frequency enables the City to limit costs and keep utility rates stable and consistent.

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