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Dr.Deena Hinshaw tweets: Omicron variant cases total to 12 in Alberta

Dr.Deena Hinshaw tweets:

I would like to provide a #COVID19AB update on Omicron variant. Since Dec. 3 we have confirmed 8 new cases of the variant, bringing our total to 12. 11 cases in AB have been identified in returning travelers & 1 is a household contact.(1/9)

These individuals are isolating, and all appropriate public health follow-up is underway. To date, only mild symptoms have been reported & these individuals are recovering at home. As w/the other cases, these individuals have done nothing wrong & should not be stigmatized.(2/9)

Some household members of these cases have tested positive for COVID but have not yet been confirmed as Omicron. 1 household contact recently attended an elementary school in North Zone & 1 attended a high school. Out of an abundance of caution, we have notified the schools.(3/9)

The schools will notify any potentially exposed groups & additional testing is being recommended. It is recommended that anyone who receives a notification letter go for testing & monitor for symptoms. Anyone w/COVID-19 symptoms must isolate & should be tested through AHS.(4/9)

As an additional measure, Alberta Health will provide these 2 schools rapid tests to distribute. These tests will help parents/guardians monitor at home. If a child tests positive on a rapid test they must isolate immediately.(5/9)

Unvaccinated children may continue to attend school & childcare but should avoid crowded public places for 14 days after the last exposure. Fully vaccinated may continue to attend school & other activities but should monitor closely for symptoms.(6/9)

As a reminder, there are mitigation strategies in schools such as mandatory masking for students in Gr 4-12, recommended masking for K-3 students, mandatory cohorting for K-6 & mandatory masking for school & childcare staff.(7/9)

Each morning, staff, students & visitors should assess whether they feel well enough to attend school. Parents/guardians should assess their children daily, as usual, for any new signs or symptoms of illness using the Alberta Daily Health Checklist.(8/9)

Finding additional cases is not unexpected, and identifying these cases early is a testament to the work of our public health lab & front-line public health teams. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully & keep Albertans updated.(9/9)


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