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PSC organizes aid to affected national team members, funds to repair typhoon-ravaged Weightlifting gym



PSC organizes aid to affected national team members, funds to repair typhoon-ravaged Weightlifting gym


The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) board has approved the release of a P15,000 cash assistance for each of the 85 athletes and 20 coaches from 24 sports who were monitored affected by typhoon Odette to help them start recovery from the destruction brought about by the typhoon.


PSC Chairman William Ramirez has been closely keeping track of the situation since the weekend, initiating a relief operation to also send about 10,000 bottled water and 900 units of mattresses. The Special Services Office of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which also oversees the detailed service of the country’s military-athletes, partnered with the PSC to ensure that these goods and subsequent packages to the intended recipients.


A P50,000 financial aid for the rehabilitation of the weightlifting gym in Bohol has also been approved for release to start immediate repairs.


“My heart breaks for them.  Napandemic na binagyo pa,” comments Ramirez.  However, he also said that it is during these times where the heart of champions beat stronger.  “They are trained to overcome, to survive and to win.  They might be sad for a while but the champions in them will prod them to rise up and help themselves and those around them so that together they can get through this,” added the sports chief who has always spoken about the other golden triumphs sports brings about in the lives of people like acquiring positive values and character.


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