New Business Licence Bylaw In Effect in Edmonton

Public Service Announcement

The new Business Licence Bylaw (Bylaw 20002) and associated fee schedule approved by City Council at the August 16, 2021 meeting (item 7.5) is now in effect. The old bylaw has been repealed but licences issued or renewed under the old bylaw will remain valid until they expire.

The new bylaw provides clearer and more consistent regulations that reduce barriers for businesses. It also allows the City to respond quickly and decisively to new and emerging business types.

Some of the key changes and benefits for businesses include:

One or two-year licence option with a discounted fee for choosing the two-year option

Discounted fee for businesses that renew their licence on time

Simplified fee schedule, where businesses with multiple categories will only be charged a single category fee

New, updated licence categories with clearer descriptions and licensing requirements

These changes balance the need to streamline regulations with meeting legislative and safety requirements. This includes ensuring the City has the ability and resources to mitigate potential public safety risk factors and can support enforcement efforts if problems with a particular business emerge.

The new bylaw was developed over the course of three years through extensive research and input from the business community and regulatory and enforcement partners.

The Business Licence Bylaw renewal is one of several initiatives underway to help streamline and simplify the City’s permitting, licensing and regulatory processes. A new, modern and robust Business Licence Bylaw helps create the conditions for businesses to thrive and prosper as envisioned by The City Plan.

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